Dealing with Difficult People and Tricky Situations

6 Module Programme

The difficult people you encounter are challenges you need to overcome. They will not change! It is your role to learn how to deal with them. This programme will teach you the skills needed to empower yourself as you become a confident self assured person, oozing with self esteem and vital life skills.

Self Assessment - Examining your present situation
How is this affecting your present self awareness?
Analyse the difficult person

Personality Styles - Understanding why they drive me up the wall
Assessing your own personality  
Analyse the difficult person

Relationships – Grasp why you feel great around some people and others you don’t
Understanding the four personality styles and their traits
Analyse the difficult person

Communicating Like A Star – Learn the best communication style
Examining Passive Aggressive and Assertive Communication and much more
Analyse the difficult person

Self Esteem –Learn the traits of low and high self esteem
Rate yourself and learn how to daily boost your self esteem
Analyse the difficult person

Attitude and Feedback – Learn how to maintain a positive attitude
Learnt two feedback techniques that could be used
Analyse how you could use these with the difficult person


Pre Assessment Quiz
Dealing with Difficult Person 66 Page Manual
Attitude 4 Success Ebook
25 Point Checklist for Workplace Bullying
10 Motivational Workplace E-Posters
2 Reports:

  • Disengaged Employees
  • Workplace Attitude Report

5 Day Self Esteem Course
125 Tips to Boost Esteem Ebook
Additional Inspiration:

  • List of 5 movies to watch
  •  39 Motivational Poems

5 Day Success Coaching Mini Course

Testimonials about this programme

"I have gained a lot of useful information and a better understanding of myself, which I will put into practice in both my professional and personal life. I now feel buoyed up to go away and keep learning. Thank you, Janice." - Judi Burrows.

"Thank you for leading such a thought provoking and practical session. It has certainly made me reflect on how I deal with “difficult” staff. I know I need to work on my self-esteem first of all." - Kaye Royle